Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"nowhere to run/my poor lungs"

I'm real mad and very worried.  I do not think I ever made a full recovery from the pleurisy.  My lungs and throat are blown up like a balloon.  as much as I would like to work out of home I can't due to the 2 things I mentioned earlier.  large barking dog and chain smoker downstairs.

I've been fighting the ciggie issue for most of my life and the dog issue for much of the last 20.

So, the activist in me will not take this sitting down.  I have the phone # for the lung association, and I have carefully reviewed my 2 leases.  One lease was drawn up by the complex and the other was drawn up by the Mormon agency* (change of name there but you get the idea)

In the complex's lease you are allowed to burn whatever the hell you want to, unfortunately, but in the Mormon agency* lease I found a clause that states that "you are entitled to a smoke free home"

That being said I will first explore this with the m.a.  If they do nothing, I will go to the free lawyer, lease in hand, and bring proof of all of these illnesses that are caused by breathing 2nd and 3rd hand smoke.

The dog thing?  I will keep you informed about that in another post.

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