Monday, August 3, 2015

Brutal struggle

I had to switch from Verizon on 6/3 to sprint smart phone.  now I can't believe, sprint is jerking me around just like sprint did.  being told your bill will b 41 a month, and then 2 weeks later being told u owe 170 and you are late!  how can I b late if I just paid you on the july4.

just 2 avoid being shut off I paid double what I agreed to pay, and they shut me off 2 days ago!

don't know how to get onto facebook on these public computers, but even worse I had to spend another 30  on a land line and they can't get me hooked up for another 8 days.

what the hell kind of life is this.  nobody's life should be "getting cluster fucked every 5 minutes by society!"

"Lauren" emailed me a year ago to say that I'm 2 angry.  I wrote in my journal "I can assure u it isn't anger it's RAGE!"

I'm alive but I have no way of making outgoing calls or texts for I don't know how long.

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