Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Moldy movie moldy documentary


Well it's an epidemic just like Lyme disease. And it's a serious epidemic quite similar to Lyme disease. I lived in a mold infested apartment from 09 to 2011 now I've been in a seriously mold infested apartment for two and a half years. I have nearly all of the symptoms and they are very serious. Dealing migraines, daily nauseous pelvic pain inability to concentrate brain problems on and on and on weakness

But just like with Lyme disease I'm pretty much powerless due to the fact that I'm in poverty. The people in my mold support group on Facebook say that it's pretty much a hopeless case if you live in an apartment and you just need to get out well I can't get out I can't move I have to live where they tell me to live

The people in my mold support group said that it would be foolish to tell the apartment about the problem because still come and bleach it and they'll just make the situation even worse

According to the film most likely you're going to have to leave your environment and leave everything behind. Do you know how many times I've had to leave all of my belongings behind in the course of the last 21 years? That isn't an option anymore

The movie suggest you get a mold literate doctor and all these things that you would need to do require a great deal of money just like with Lyme disease you need a lime literate medical doctor that is not an option to me because these specialists don't take insurance!

So that leaves one thing mentioned in the movie and that is giving up sugar and certain other foods. I am quite frankly not willing to give up sugar

So in my case there really is no hope I'm not going to get better and it ain't going to improve that's just the way it is for nearly one out of two people in this country

According to the movie 1 out of 2 u.s buildings is mold infested! I definitely encourage you to watch the movie on YouTube it is very important, you may be very low yourself and not realize that it's mold

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