Sunday, August 9, 2015

I am cait

Unfortunately I missed the majority of the episode but I am in the midst of catching the last 10 minutes of this week's episode of I am Kate

One of Kate's new girlfriends who used to be male is explaining to Caitlin that she is in the pink cloud phase right now where everything revolves around her and the fact that she is now transgendered.

The friend goes on to say you must get on with getting outside of yourself and concentrating on other people also.

This is wonderful advice I begin meeting transgendered people in the mid to late nineties and pretty much every single one that I met only talked about themselves and their sexuality or their new transgenderedness.

It makes it nearly impossible for regular people like myself to feel comfortable with transgendered folks. 

I went to katelin new blog and let her know that she is my favorite republican I really like bruce jenner caitlin jenner very much wonderful person really wonderful person!

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