Friday, February 5, 2016

#dem debate

I'm enjoying learning even more about what Governor O'Malley has been doing and what he did when I lived in Baltimore

It's a tough call for me to choose between Clinton and Sanders . I like the idea of having an atheist president . But  Sanders has such a thick accent  and one of the things I really enjoy about Obama is how well he speaks and how he always  cheers me up no matter what

I love how articulate Hillary is and it's easier for me to focus on the issues when she speaking because  she's not saying  ameriker like Sanders does

I know that some of what I'm talking about seem superficial. I did ask Laura what she thinks because she is a political expert and she said that it won't really matter one way or the other between Sanders and Clinton in terms of how my personal life will be affected

I love the idea of the $15 minimum wage in every state if I could keep a part time job that could really raise my quality of life substantially as compared to $7 an hour and it does look like I'm going to be forced to go back to work part time because I have a car to take care of, because I want to eat more than once a day and because I only got out of Flagstaff for a few hours one time in the whole 5 years I've been here I've been with in a 15 to 20 mile radius every bloody day of my life no change of scenery whatsoever. Working part time at 15 an hour could change all of these things

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