Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I've got $4 cash and $3 in food stamps you already know I only get $15 food stamps each month

so I made a post in my one of my Facebook Frugal Living groups and asked for some advice .

Even though Im a virtual "expert" on living hand to mouth, the stress and anxiety of it is so overwhelming that sometimes I can't even think! Or function! Soooo depressing! Life is one big dead end.

My fb friends brainstormed made a list of things and nearly all of them are things that I've done in the past/ but I just love Facebook it really is wonderful and supportive !

I have to make this money last for another 8 days

I told the group members that if I sell the car I can go spend some time in Sedona like I've been wanting to do I haven't been out of a 20 mile radius except for one time for a few hours in 5 years !

additionally selling the car would give me more money for life day to day life I can't drive the car anyway because I can't afford to make the repairs butt I will probably get trapped in Flagstaff for yet another winter because I can't afford to give up my subsidized housing so if I don't have a car by winter then I'll be going out even less then I'm going out now because I can't get around on the ice especially now that my health ha have declined so much since last year

What it comes down to is Should you rob Peter to pay Paul?

If you're wealthy don't bother leaving me advice, unless u grew up poor!

if you're poor leave me comments .the. lifelong rich don't have any idea how to do this so I don't take advice from them

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