Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving eve/ thanksgiving morning at la pew

So, it's weds. night, and I'm watching some show that talks about common fires that are started on Thanksgving day. They say that one common fire is started by people who deep fry turkeys. (I've never heard of or had a d.f. turkey)

So, I'm thinking that there are probably heaps of people in my bldg. who deep fry turkeys, and I'm thinking about how incompetent my neigbors are and for a few seconds I fear fire.

Thanksgiving morning

I'ts about 7:45 a.m. and I awaken to what initially sounds like my alarm clock. After a few minutes I realize it is the bldg's fire alarm again. We have had to "evacuate" many, many times. But most of the time if my white noise generator is on (I use this day and night due to severe noise pollution) I don't hear the fire alarm. I'm not happy. I consider calling office to see if it is a real fire, but they aren't in on a holiday.

I grab my tennis shoes a light coat, and run down the hallway toward the stairs. (I'm on the 3rd floor) I do smell smoke. I consider for a few seconds what I own of value and that would be, mainly, my journals.

As usual only about 6 people evacuated. There are 160 apts. And as usual I am extremely unimpressed with the Balto. city fire dept. When I first got down the stairs I went through the main lobby (where there is a deafening alarm) and then outside, for which I am not dressed. I am wearing very think cotton long underwear and my tennis shoes are untied. No time to tie them in a fire. Anyhow, I am the only one who bothered to go outside. There are 3 or 4 sitting in the lobby, casually. I don't mess with small talk or hellos. I came back inside and the firement arrived. They seemed very casual. They asked the people in the lobby (i didn't answer any of the questions and wonder why the fire dept. needs so much help from the physically and mentally disabled to fight their damn fire) a lot of questions and for a lot of help.

I do not feel that my life is in very good hands. The fireman asked:

-where is management?
-where is the maint. man?
how do I reach the maint. man?
which apt. is the fire in?

one turned to the other and said

"do you think we should tear the apt. door down?"

I said exactly one sentence that was geared to no one in particular as the fireman left the lobby. Only my 3 neighbors heard me, or so I thought.

I said: "We should not have to help them fight fires"

Oh yes we should my neighbor said angrily to me. A cop came from around the corner and yelled angrily in response to what I said, but geared his comment to my profoundly retarded neighbor.


I can't remember what else he said but it really pissed me off that he's yelling at me, gearing it to this retarded man and implying that I had no right to voice an opinion.

More fireman arrive and cops arrive. They are so casual about this whole thing that after 20 minutes I ask:

"Are we allowed back in our apts?"

"I believe so." said the cop. Didn't sound like a convincing or well informed answer, so I take the steps instead of the elevator, and think it's really weird that so few people leave their apts.

The verdict to all this? Someone burned their sauerkraut. The whole thing leaves me sour. It takes me a long time to go back to sleep. I felt that most upset by the cop that yelled at me. And I thought: Yeah, what motive does he have for being nice on Thanksgiving day? He has to work!


aat said...


Well told "sour" story! I'm glad that nobody was hurt nor your stuff damaged! :)
Hope you had an otherwise happy day!

Anonymous said...

Hello. My name is Clarissa. I really enjoy reading your blog. Your honesty is refreshing. You have opened my eyes to a side of life that I have not experienced. I wish you well and hope that 2009 brings you peace...Clarissa from California