Friday, February 14, 2014

10/2/94 lafayette, indiana 1:40 a.m.

It's been an unbelievably stressful 2 weeks.  Been working my ass off and I'm still at subsistence level.  Today was real depressing because I wanted to go to the Feast of the Hunter's Moon but didn't have the $6.00 admission feel.

Worked at Ward* Industries and met some really interesting folks.  They employees have hard personalities and hard lives.  One woman had most of her mouth missing and looked miserable.  Amanda is 4 foot tall 220 lbs and gave me a ride home.  Has a very big mouth.  Says her husband never helps with the kids in the past but "too bad he has to stay at home with them now"

In the car, Amanda and Kelly saw the woman with her mouth missing walking home.  Amanda said "pretend you don't see her"

(I wanted to ask "why, what's wrong with her?"  but I was dependent on a ride myself")

The work at the factory was very hard.  By my second day they were yelling at me to go faster.

On my first day there I was standing at a belt all day putting game boards in a box.

The 2nd day I had to put puzzles and games in boxes to be shipped.

Very physically demanding, I only lasted 2 days.

Also worked for a printing press  printing off 32,000 junk mail brochurs.

The next week I was at Eli Lilly cleaning, however everything was already immaculate.  I had to either pretend to work or sit in a break rooms and listen to Chuck*  talk about how dumb blondes are!  He said that all you women are good for is housework!

He played country music all the time, and looked the part of a backwoods hick.  He point blank asked me:

"do you listen to nigger music?"  I said what's that?  He said "Led Zeppelin would be nigger music!"

I said "YOu know I really don't appreciate the term at all!"

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