Friday, February 28, 2014

"Health Update"

Initially when I began blogging I didn't expect to be talking so much about my poor health.  But it is the deciding factor on whether I have quality of life or not, which you know I do not.

I have been chewing on the right side for 2 months because my insurance doesn't cover dental!  the entire left side of my mouth hurts and I assume I have cavities.

I had the x ray done of my entire back, hoping to determine why I have such debilitating back and tailbone pain.  At this point all I know (from older diagnosis) is that I have arthritis of the neck and spine (and probably knees also)  I know I have degenerative disc disease and coccyxademia. 

I have fibrocystic breasts which has been so pain ful the last 10 days I can barely leave house or get dressed.............................

My right knee is killing me and I often limp.  It hurts to stand and to walk

The pain management doc raised the meds a little bit.  This last time they had me see their n.p. and she was brilliant!  I told her that if the meds don't work this time then I will try the mmj again.

It's critical also that iget an eye exam because folks with severe myopia are at higher risk of retinal detachment.

Last night I don't know where my neighbor was but I slept through  the night which can only mean that her and her kids were not there.  If I slept like this every night it would make such a diff. to my quality of life.

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