Friday, February 7, 2014

"Weak stomach don't read this"

On Saturday, Groundhog day, I woke up with the most terrifying and paralyzing back pain that I can recall ever experiencing.  I was afraid to call for an ambulance based on my last experience which is under "Untold stories of the e.r."

I called a friend but she didn't have time.  I feare calling a taxi, what if I passed out in the cab.  A cab came in 10 minutes and she had her shirt pulled up over her mouth.  She said "you aren't going to get me sick are you?"

"It's my back" I said.

She dramatically pulled the collar of her sweater down.  I said "You know if you are afraid of getting sick, you take that risk everytime you pick up a customer.  And I take the risk ever time I ride a public bus"

She said "Well, I guess you are right about that"

When we got to the hospital she swiped my card 8x, then manually entered it.  It said "card declined"  I said "I can assure that my paycheck went in to that account yesterday there is no reason on earth it should say card declined.

I told her I would figure out a way to get her the money.  I ended up mailing her a money order.

Anywho, despite the fact that about 6 or more hospital workers asked me why I was there, my discharge papers were incorrect and said "abdominal pain"

While it is true that I was having excruc. abdom. pain that is not why I was there.

They did the x rays that was supposed to be getting the next day of the ab. area.  Now I assumed they also x rayed my back. (but they did not)

After hooking up an i.v., doing the blood work and the x rays they said "we have no idea what's wroung with you.  So, they discharged me literally 15 minutes after putting in the i.v.!

On  Feb. 4th which was Monday

I woke up with migraine and nausea.  I took my usual meds but repeatedly vomited them up and couldn't even drink liquids.

I have only been eating like an average of once every 48 hours..........................................I feel terrified but as you know the gastro dr. had cancelled my emergency appointment due to my owing 31 dollars.

The next day I was too weak to leave the house................................................

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