Thursday, December 24, 2015

Strong women

I saw the majority of the story not the entire story but I saw an off of it to really get a grasp of it and for the first time ever to learn of the finale. You know I've been writing about strong women ever since I started this blog. Despite Joan being the opposite of me in that she is a very religious woman she is still a strong woman none the less a strong woman who should definitely be celebrated and who apparently has been celebrated ever since

I also watch this presentation with the knowledge that I am 50% French and this is why you see my French name on one of my email addresses is Elana  Rebecca  duchane. This is most likely the way my name appears on my original birth certificate which I have never seen, because I have to pay for it and I have not come up with the money, also because I need to petition the courts before I am allowed to have my OBC sent to me.

Here is the link to the amazing life story of Joan of Arc

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