Sunday, December 20, 2015

Unbearable nerve pain

This is the 2nd time in 4 weeks that I've been hit with  excruciating nerve pain below the waist.
That doesn't mean that there isn't severe pain above the waist, believe you me! 
I am desperately searching my facebook groups and googling articles trying to figure out what's going on because I know that going to the hospital is going to put me in even more pain due to the various testing that they do (bloodpressure cuff that pumps up and down the entire time your there!  I assume this is unbearable due to the fibromyalgia, but who knows)
 I'm going to have to call pain management but they are probably going to tell me to go to the emergency room because I'm literally writhing in pain. My situation is getting worse because  it's already been 2 days of feeling like this and sleep is not helping at all.
 and like I said currently it's impossible for me to sleep because it's just some the most severe pain you can even imagine
I suspect CRPS or trigeminal neuralgia. Apparently with the TN the options are mostly surgical not necessarily invasive but surgical none the less
I'm grateful that for the last year at least I've had my facebook girls and a few Facebook guys who are in my various disability support groups who can at least theoretically help to guide me!

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