Thursday, August 25, 2016

8/24/1996 essentially homeless

Renting very small office in somones house. Can't bring anything I own with me.

I had lived for 2 weeks as f/t liv in nanny. They knew in advance Id b in ocean city for a few days with my friend, I decided to return early.

My boss went all through my personal belongings must hav read my journals, discovered I was politically librral. I had no car, and theres no public transit in Shadyside, Md. She fired me instantly upon my return from o.c. (It was in written contract that nobody in their fam. Smokes indoors. They broke contract, I complained, as Im severely allergic.

They bought me a one way ticket to Baltimore city at night and I Had no clue where to go. ID DO A night here a night there.

By about 8/6 Carolone and her hubby Shawn let me rent a small very dirty office. They didnt move anything out for me, I "slept" on the floor of the office.

Here is my journal entry


"Where do I start, what approach should I take? It's not too late.

Baltimore is driving me to drink!

I finally slept normally last night I was the only one home.

I was I  living room (after dark) when a rock, which I thought was a bullet, came through the window.

I screamed and instinctively dropped flat to the floor (cuz I live in a u.s. war zone)

I crawled to the landline, not unlike a snake. I called 911.  I just want some peace, waitin on the police. 

They say "We can't do nuttin, aint no crime  been proven. (They made fun of me for thinking it was a bullet)

There were no witnesses they reiterated.

No mo no mo
Just leave me alone!
I aint hurtin noone
Just chillin here at "home!"

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