Thursday, August 25, 2016

Count on someone else if you want it to b done wrong or not done at all

I've been preparing for weeks to get the carpet cleaned.  Its alot of very difficult very painful physical labor, as I have to get everyting i own, off of the carpet and into the kitchen and the bathroom.  Why?  Because even though I have a storage unit, nobody at the complex cleaned it out prior to me moving in and it's very large and impossivble for me to adequately clean.......

So, all that work and the carpet cleaning guy didn't show up!

Two chain smokers moved in downstairs.  Having severe chest pain, mild cough, wheezing.  I'd ask them not to smoke on their porch but, their tough girls very unfriendly, the "don't fuck with me" kinda girls!

So at urgent care they prescribed me 2 inhalers.  Cant' fill for a week, since i have 3 bucks to last 7 days......

The fact that I was able to complete the physical labor without help shocked me, since if i walk for 1/2 hour the back and feet pain is unbearable and i have to get into bed.  I applied for a job in a preschool, because I was so happy about my body surprising me.  In the email I described to the employer alot about me, like i havent had a job in 13 years.......................because as a very disabled woman they need to know the truth.

a man I didn't know gave me a beautiful compliment today that had nothing to do with my appearance.  I was so encouraged by what he said regarding his observation of me, I thought, maybe I will try to work part time.  All I've had to eat today is a bologna sandwich and crackers.  This has been my diet all week, not enough calories since ran out of money and had to put 2 dollars in the gas tank today.

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