Thursday, August 18, 2016

The bulk

Most of the people that I meet have low to extremely low IQs.

But it's an even more common occurrence in people from one if three ethnic groups that I wont name, where the bulk are ether severely developmentally disabled or just dumb as a doorknob.

At the time that they were working on debunking racism stereotypes they determined that size of brain is identical the brains looks identical even though the ethnic groups were different;then why can't I have a conversation with anyone that it is normal. I had a more enjoyable interaction with my 7 year old friend walking home from the bus today can I do with most people. Because Levi is a really quick learner and he loves to learn.

Here in the privacy of my own home I can Google whatever I want to Google and I can type in whatever ethnic group I want to type in  by asking the Google search engine particular questions!    I want to find out whether other Americans are having similar experiences as me, or, am I exaggerating? I learned that ny perceptions are sadly and strikingly real.

I told the bus driver today that I didn't have my ID because it was temporarily missing in my apt. She charged me doubleand added on a lecture: You really need to have it with you all the time!

  I just got through telling you it's MISSING its LOST!

I have to repeat myself over and over and over again with everybody! As you can see there are some things that are going to follow me no matter where in this country I live .

They don't seem to comprehend even the tiniest of questions. A few years back I noticed that on days that I didn't have my watch if I asked couple of people throughout the day what time it was they would invariably give me the wrong time

I was trying to exchange an item for another item in a different department at Safeway.  I had to repeat the same story/phrase six different times !before the Safeway employee comprehended that I don't want to exchange it for the same exact item!

I'm wondering to  myself why does he think I would exchange it for the same exact thing that doesn't make any sense!

I think I told you this story before but I was calling a clinic a local Clinic run by one of the ethnic groups that I mentioned earlier.

I called on the phone and asked if John Smith still works there  the receptionist replied  there's no John Smith here but would you like to speak to Jon Jones ???!


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