Thursday, March 16, 2017

Extreme stress of poverty

I made 5 or so trips to optical store for minor fixes, but 10 weeks ago earpiece broke off, then they bent.

8 weeks ago applied at lions club, never heard back.

Despite my having heard from insurance agent which places my insurance is contracted with (for eyeglass purchase) when I drove there yesterday she said, the agent was wrong.

She was kind enough to advocate for me to get another appointment at Lions Club

I made my roughly trip 7 to Nationwide Vision insurance and glasses place yesterday( by accident) I thought I had been told I could go there to get glasses but when I arrive the optician said no your access/medicaid does not cover glasses, only covers children.

And she took my card and said oh you have Access Health Choice! She said go ahead and start choosing which glasses you like so I did that and she said well your insurance notgoing to pay for any of those and your prescription is high that means that you're going to have to buy very very cheap frames. I picked up two pairs of cheap frames and she tried to put the order in the computer and it was rejected due to the fact that the cheap frames will not hold the heavy material necessary for my prescription.!

She charged me and this really surprise me she charged me $27 basically she is required to have me pay the co-pay immediately and then she sent an order hoping and praying that it will work but she doesn't know if it will or not and said she might end up having to refund my $27!! Stress!

Lot of run around and a lot of  being told falsehoods.  As I've been telling you for years everything is broken and nothing gets done right especially for the poor!

I have lots of panic attacks, dont sleep more then an hour a night.

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