Saturday, March 18, 2017

Huge reasons I can't move

Ive wanted (needed?) To live in san Diego since 94.

But where can I go with a 750 month check.?

4/5 of subsidized programs that I was living in I experienced nearly daily felonies, violent crime.

I mean just to give you an example of what's going on in this country all I had to do yesterday was Google San Diego subsidized and Section 8 housing violent crime and a whole bunch of Articles popped up

I feel desperate to live in a mild climate year-round that would also allow me to control my weight because I'd be able to walk year round outside.

The logical thing to do would be to go to San Diego for vacation to explore it first but obviously there's no money to take trips or vacations to preview places to live period

So while I'm grateful in many ways it doesn't feel like a home where I'm at because I had to live in the apartment and the address was selected for me there is a slim chance that I could become a homeowner through various programs for low-income people but given hell absolutely grueling everything is and he'll absolutely grueling poverty is it's probably not even worth it to try to become a homeowner comma along move to an apartment in a warmer climate

To get into subsidized housing was a 11 and a half your weight. Yes I am redundant in my post but many of my current readers most of my current readers have not ever seen my older posts, so I don't feel bad about being redundant!

What has your experience been in regards to waiting for or living in subsidized housing in the United States or in other countries for that matter?

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