Friday, March 3, 2017

On the health front

I know that the doctors don't even remotely grasp what life is like for me .

I mean my right arm is essentially useless because of shoulder bursitis.

  my right foot near the toes the pain is so severe that I never know when I'll be able to walk. Even an up down motion of foot is unbearable.

There are also serious female issues, some too embarrassing to mention. Glad to be in menopause. Would bleed 2 weeks plus.

Even leaning over to brush teeth excruciating on spine.

If I sit for more then 10 minutes both limbs and feet fall asleep.

Big time vision disturbances with floaters. Slowly losing hearing.

Too embarrassed to go into depth about I.b.s. but some symptoms serious.

Frequent migraines and frequent nausea.

The pain is bodywide. I can't truly sleep. and arthritis and all of the joints has become quite severe anywhere from the neck all the way down to the tailbone

I never did come up with $75 to renew the medical marijuana card unfortunately and oxycontin really doesn't do anything at all to make life better

There's no question that I have Crohn's or colitis or something like that but calling it IBS is a big problem and I would truly say that the pain is excruciating and unbearable that's why the best part of my life is when I'm sleeping I'm just speaking in the my recorder with the situation so please bear with me. More than week I was limping I had to go to urgent care and they told me that because I had to go off gabapentin is why I can't walk without limping.

I thought I might have cancer because of lump on spine but it turned out to b just a cyst.

Couple this with abject poverty and its nothing short of living hell.

Most of the girls in my lyme group are lyme literate and can pinpoint exactly which aspects of lyme disease are causing my problems.

Again since I cant type easily on a smartphone, this piece will have some repetition and hasn't been corrected.

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