Sunday, October 14, 2007

"Flood of Murder"

I'm watching alot of t.v. And I feel all emotions very deeply. I cry for joy, I cry for sadness I cry when the person on t.v. cries. (and mostly I watch non fiction shows) Just call me an HSP; a highly sensitive person!

Last night I watched a show that I laid awake all night thinking about. Did you see it? Called "Flood of Murder" I never got the opportunity to visit New Orleans pre-Katrina. Now, it's very similar to Baltimore.

I laid awake all night thinking about Devon-te (was that his name? he was only 25 when killed) and Helen Hill who was in her 30's. It's so painful to think about their lives being cut short. It's so painful when people who are doing so much good in the world have their lives stolen. Life is so much about luck. Helen had such a happy life. I feel so deeply sad for her husband.

Helen and her husband were friends in college (Harvard) and moved to New Orleans after college. About a year later they lost everything in Katrina. About a year after that despite Helen's mother's objections and H's husband's objections H. desperately wanted to go back to New Orleans to rebuild the city and her prior life. She was murdered in her own home, and the murderer tried to murder her husband but was unsuccessful.

Devon-te was an activist who grew up in New Orleans and was helping put music programs into schools as an alternative to violence. He was murdered just days before the instruments he ordered arrived at the school. He was so beautiful, the pictures of him were so beautiful.

I'm not an idealist any more. I'm not invested in Baltimore city. I want a good comfortable life in a safe rural or suburban area. I've lost enough years here. I'm so "lucky" to be alive, as I consider B-more to be just as dangerous as New Orleans, and I want out while I'm still in one piece.

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