Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jumping through hoops/crumbs from the rich man's meal

After  5 years of trying, it appeared I had finally been accepted into the Taxi Access Program. Taxi Access allows one to take taxis affordably and could significantly raise my quality of life. But, like most programs, it is such hard work to get into the program that I only know one person who was accepted into the program!

I received the paperwork telling me that I had been accepted into the program. Or so I thought. It said "welcome to the taxi card program" I re-read the letter about 100 times but it still didn't make sense to me. The taxi access program allows you to go anywhere in Baltimore County or B. City for 3 dollars one way. But this letter stated "you send us your monthly payment of 6 dollars and we will put 18 dollars on your taxi card"

I read and re-read the letter. My interpretation of the letter was that for every 6 dollars I give the taxi driver I get 18 dollars in service. No, it turns out that you ONLY get 18 dollars in service per month! But that's nothing like the taxi access program I had heard about. Why? Because taxi access and taxi card are 2 different animals I would find out.

To get taxi access you have to ride mobility vans for 90 days,  interview face to face with an M.T.A. rep,. then have your doctor fill out medical reports. There is quite a bit of stigma involved in riding the vans, and the tenants as well as the maintenance man would know all of my comings and goings.

Whether the programs for the poor are governmental or not, I liken the results to eating the leftover crumbs from a rich man's meal. You work your ass off for crumbs. You're thankful for any crumb you can get but you wish you really had something to show for all of your hard work and hoop jumping.

I have not made up my mind as to whether I want to put myself through the stigma of riding these mobility vans............

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