Monday, July 20, 2009

"All in A Day's Work"

It is incredulous that I spend the bulk of my days battling for my life!

I called Western Union's fraud # regarding the money order I sent to ATT that was never redeemed.  I read the man my serial # very very slowly and clearly. He replied:  "That can't be western union we don't issue money order's with 11 digit serial #'s" "Would you repeat the # again?"

(No I won't) I counted up the digits. There are 11 digits.

"Don't tell me I don't have a western union money order, I'm holding it right here in my hand!"

"Did you say money order?" (he asked incredulously)  "You've got the wrong #. This is the dept. of money transfer!"

He give's me the supposed correct phone #. It's doesn't work either. I call the # on the back of the money order. I explain that I want my 50 dollars back because ATT never gave me the phone service that I paid for!

"Our records show that ATT cashed your money order last Friday the 17th of July"

I call ATT to have them give me my money back. Sandra looks up my account in her records. "Ms. Snyder we never received your money order."

"Don't give me that!" i said angrily....I just talked to Western Union and they said you redeemed it on Friday." "You're going to have to give me my money back or I'm going to have to sue you!"

"Thank you so much for your patience Ms. Snyder" "I'm transferring you to my supervisor!"

"Everytime you guys transfer me to a supervisor you end up disconnecting me!" i said.

"Here's my employee i.d. #. I'll stay on the phone while we wait"

She gives me to her supe and after about 25 minutes the supe. says that it will take 4 to 6 weeks before then can get me my 50 dollars. (as of 7/2013 i never received the money)


I guess I spent about 90 minutes, and maybe 100 calls to try to find a Verizon employee who will tell me what # I should call to set up my voice mail. The # she gave me was the wrong phone #. My friend with a verizon account ends up giving me the # to set up voice mail.


I call to set up an appt. with emergency services because i have no gas money.  The intake take 30 minutes and it is unbelievable what they asked me. I told them that I'm not sure that I  have enough gas to get to the appointment!  They can't give me an answer about the gas funds until at least tomorrow. I found the caseworker to be very condescending.

Food Stamps

My food stamps were due 6 days ago!  I tell that to the caseworker and she says, "Well of course you don't have your money, you have a food stamp case open in another juridsdiction!"  (THIS IS NOT TRUE!)

"Actually I did not. Plus that's irrelevant. What's relevant is that Ms. Macabee promised me the money would be on my card by last weds. and it is not."

"Well, I'm sorry you feel that way ms. snyder." "There isn't much I can do but to give you the # of the supervisor, but she's just going to tell you the same thing.

how is one supposed to create a life of balance? I don't think balance is possible for anybody but the well to do. The most I can hope for today is to take a long bath and listen to a Stevie Wonder c.d. while trying to temporarily mentally recover from just 3 hours on the phone.

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