Friday, July 10, 2009

"My Bed!"

30 days ago I bought myself a queen sized air mattress from the "evil" wal mart! About a week ago it developed a slow leak. I can't find my receipt. I'm afraid to "return" it to Wal Mart because the flyer inside the mattress box states "If defective do not return this to the place of purchase but call us at Coleman products"

I break the rules and return it to walmart, because i have no telephone in which to call coleman and because I know it could take weeks for coleman to replace it and i'll have to sleep on the floor again.

I can't get enough of the air out of the air mattress to put it in the back in the box which it came in. I try to stuff it in my car half blown up! And this is quite a sight to see folks, as this is blocking my view of side and rear traffic! I'm aware that this is dangerous and I have no idea what else to do!

I put on my hazard lights and head the 3.5 miles to the walmart. I stuff the inflated bed into a shopping cart and head for customer service.

ME-I need to make an even exchange.

clerk-"OK, just head back and get the product you need and come back to us"

I head back, and there are no queen sized coleman air mattresses on the shelf. I find a clerk.

"Sir, could you please check the back room and see if you can find any more queen mattresses?"


15 minutes later he emerges. He says there are none back there. I get a twin mattress off of the shelf and figure that walmart will just pay me the difference in cash. I head back to customer service.

ME-"here it is maam, there were no queens. I assume you'll just pay me the difference in cash.

clerk-"I've got bad news. We can't do an exchange after all. You're just going to have to call coleman"

ME-"why not?"

because you've owned the mattress for more than 15 days. we can not help you.

I go to the outside pay phone and call coleman. The representative informs me that he'll be happy to replace my mattress in 4 to 6 the meantime since i have nothing else to sleep on, i can't take that route. as it stand the mattress only holds air for 1.5 hours.

Every 2 hours (even in the middle of the night) I have to reinflate the mattress as I feel my body sink back to the floor which wakes me up!

and at and t never received the application and money order i sent, so i still have no phone.

Need I tell you that I am tired to the core?!

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