Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"The Man who carries 7 purses"

Lunch with my local drug dealer!

I was at the Hampden mall/offices for a doctor's appt. I'm down to my last 10 dollars. After finishing  I proceed to the 4th floor elevator. I see what appears to be a very high man carrying 7 purses!

  He asks me "How you doon?"

"I'm hangin' in there" I reply.

"I'm tryin' to hang in there too" he responded.

He continued to chat with me on the elevator.

Elana-"Selling purses?"

"dealer"-"Well, I'm" tron" to but I'm really not supposed to be here at all" "You do what chu got to do. You know what I mean?"

Elana-"I know exactly what you mean"

"dealer" "I gots some Michael Jackson t shirts dat I'm sellin' too"

Elana-"That's really cool. I'd love to see the Jackson shirts. My first concert  was Jackson 5. I don't have any money, in fact the money I'm using to buy my hot dog was donated to me. My doctor wants me to eat so he gave me 10 bucks"

"dealer" "Yeah I'll show you the shirts but I have to be careful"

Elana-"Just sit with me while I eat my hot dog, I'm sure you won't get in trouble for showing the t shirts if you're sitting with me."

"dealer" "That sounds good"

He takes the tshirts out of the purses. Some are really beautiful and I'd buy one if I could. But I gotta wonder, where he "gets his goods?"

Elana-"Those shirts are absolutely beautiful." "Are you having any luck with sales?"

"dealer" "Not a lot.....  I gotta supplement my work ya know. I do a little bit of dealin. "Um just being honest which you."

Elana_"What do you sell?"

(He names multiple drugs. I don't know much about drugs, but I'm learning. His arms are covered with bad scars. He looks like he was totally dismembered and then put back together again.

Elana-"So, what are dealers bringin' in these days?"

"Man, I'm making 8k a month. But I'm "tron" to get out of it"

E-"What happened to you. Why all the scars?"

Man-"Well, I ingested a ca-cock-tion of drugs and then passed out in Dru Hill for 3 days when they found me"

E-"What a miracle that you're still alive!"

Man-"Sure is, we all gots our time and god didn't want me to go yet"

E-"Sounds like you're glad you lived!"

Man-"Sure am." My son is upstairs at the doctor and my daughter works in this bldg."

E-"You've got family. Sounds like you have alot of reason to live. A purpose"

Man-"I just turned 55 the other day!"

E-"Happy birthday! I just turned 46!"

Man-"You a gemini?"


Man-"I guess that's why we hit it off so well, we both cancers!"

E-"I'm sure that's it!"

Man-"Well, I gotta get goin now, it was great to meet you!"

E-"you too, and I wish you the best with everything!"

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