Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Baby Got Back video clip original Big Buts


Last night, went for the last night of qualifying for the semi finals in the karaoke singing contest. News ad was wrong, contest was closed. Nonetheless, it was a great night, the dancing even more fun then the singing. The guy that won the 500, bought shots for people (not me cuz i was late) and said "now i gotta do baby got back" I yelled "let's do it tonight!"

The crowd laughed and said DO WHAT TONIGHT?! Synchronistically about an hour later someone chose baby got back for their karaoke song, and about 5 of us got up and did our best moves. that was the highlight of the night for me-the dancing.

(I sang "Midnight at the Oasis" and "crazy" by patsy cline, which went very well too!) personally i think larger women should have been chosen for the "butts" video, you?

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