Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Protecting oneself from the elements"

This is truly a challenge in this bizarre climate I live in! Many people come to this state because they are under the impression that the entire state is warm, but this is a huge fallacy!

Some come to this town claiming that they love the 4 seasons. What a joke! 4 seasons?! There are 3 seasons! Wind, sun, and monsoon!

For as long as I can remember I have been the "poster child for sun protection!" I can remember, Bill and I were at a nude optional hippie fest in Australia where we were living. It was January 94, and I can still visualize this photograph of me. I've got the floppy hat, sunglasses, a long green t shirt, and a long beige skirt with my birkenstocks!

Here in this town and state I have started something new. (Well, new for me) I actually carry an umbrella all the time. This time of year we'll have for example, all in one day, 2 hours of pouring rain, then blistering hot sun for 2 hours, then more rain with the sun shining.

The parasol, keeps me from getting burned (skin cancer a big problem here), and generally keeps me a little cooler. I'm told that in parts of Florida it is very common for people to carry an umbrella as sun protection.

Additionally I have to wear a wide brimmmed hat, foundation with spf15, long sleeves, long pants, and to top it all off, if it's before 5 p.m., RUN FOR THE NEAREST SHADY SPOT!

I can't stress enough how dangerous the sun is here. With the altitude and the thin air one just can't be too careful. It's ironic how so many of us chase the sun, seek that "perfect" climate, just to find that once we get there we have to run from it!

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