Saturday, August 6, 2011

On 7/20/11

Some time between 10 p.m. on 7/19 and noon 7/20 I fell unconscious at the dye inn. I don't know who found me Weds. morning I presume it was the landlord. I woke up around 3 in the afternoon on 7/21 in the i.c.u. and the nurse told me where I was and that I had been revived and essentially i guess brought back to life.

I was in the hospital all together for 7 days, and as you know I was also evicted the morning I "died"

So, the hospital said that they may just discharge me to the streets,, and I told them that would be a very very bad idea. So, there were a couple of people who did care and managed to get me a voucher for 7 nights in another roach motel. During that 7 day period I fought my way back into subsidized housing, I've been in there 2 days. I have a kind roomie who I've met once.

Still racked with serious illness and excruciating bod y wide muscle, nerve, joint and arthritis pain mostly 24/7. Fibromyalgia and post lyme are devastating. This is NOT an acceptable quality of life.

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