Monday, August 15, 2011

Homeless at B.S. motel/part2

I was so nauceous I had to walk the 1.5 blocks to the Walgreens and buy a scented candle and lighter. I try to then walk back to b.s. but my night vision is poor, I have to cross a busy highway and I pray I don't get hit. I feel like I should "watch my back" this is my first time out after dark since leaving MD.

Even after 2.5 hours of "Glade Hawaiin the smell disgusts me. I hope I'll be able to get some sleep despite it all. The "clean" towles are yellowed and smell bad. Even the toilet has excrement on it. there is human feces on the wall, and there are no motel refunds for any reason.

I try to cheer myself up by watching a Frank Sinatra musical on t.v. and it helps a tenny bit. Someone is calling my cell but since I have no minutes I can't answer the phone. Some support and conversation would have been nice.

I pay a strung out fellow tenant to help me with my cell phone, she's nice but can't figure out my phone. She recommends me to move to a larger city where she feels there are more options for the poor and homeless.

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