Monday, August 15, 2011

"looking back at 5/13/2011"

Left the deplorable conditions of the homeless shelter on approx. 4/30/11. I bounced around in different environments trying to make it on my own with 700 month. I did not succeed. One of the environs I ended up in, oddly, has the acronym, b.s.. Here is the entry from my journal.


B.S. very dangerous! I arrive 7 p.m. ; it smells horrible. I become naucious.     It's dark inside, with cinder block walls; the lamps are from the 50's and don't provide any more light then a candle would.

There is bed bug excrement, bug body parts on everything. Human hair and a dead fly on the "clean" sheets. I smell the pillows, they smell disgusting.

I take off the pillow case, someone had set fire to it and it was encrusted with dead maggots! Brought it to the manager and asked for a new room.

The new room was just as bad. All pillows had blood and urine on them and all 3 chairs in the room were encased with scum and dismembered bugs!

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