Thursday, September 6, 2012

"For as long as i live, i will NOT be silenced"

There are many examples of this for me.  I will NOT shut up!  From owners who leave dogs and children in hot vehicles, to my wish for Obama for president I cannot and will not shut up.

Today I released my inner activist in a way that I haven't in years.  I am wearing an OBAMA shirt that i found in a thrift shop.  Normally because it's such a large tshirt I only wear it as pajamas.  But I am in the midst of watching and loving the Democratic National Convention and I AM PUMPED!

The shirt is black with an iron on application that is a gigantic photo of the OBAMA family.  The words are:

"Great America's Great First Family"

Now, although I do not believe that America is great, I do believe that the Obama family is and I do want him to be re-elected.


As I said, everyting is a fight everyting a battle.  Today there was a woman on the side of the road who had a sign that said "My dog is hungry"  I sure wish I had my cell so I could photograph her.  So many times when people are in dire straits they monologue you if you are willing to talk with them.  But after talking with her for 15 minutes I wondered:  should I report this to the humane society.  I don't have a phone and also I wasn't certain which org. is mountain town would give this dog the best outcome.

I was concerned that due to her homelessness and inability take care of herself, is it really fair or even legal for her to have a dog she can't feed.

All day every day I'm thinking about the issues that piss me off and whether or not I have the energy to fight.  I was not pissed about her and the dog but I am pissed about so many other things i see all day every day that are downright illegal and / or downright inhumane.......................................

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