Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Is there anywhere safe to live?"

Few of my residences since 2/1994 have been safe.  From 8/2011 to 8/19/2012 I had my own apartment in Mountain Town.  It was also a very dangerous place to live.  Again the authorities did not help me resolve those problems.

Additionally my landlord was out of compliance with city codes as well as fire codes.  Despite my protests about bug infestation nothing was done.  Anyway,I spent the year advocating for my rights as well as the rights of my fellow tenants.  Any surprise that when the lease came around for renewal the landlord "opted not to renew"

I am homeless again.  From 8/19 to 9/3 I stayed ina motel with the following conditions:

toilet didn't flush
bed feels like rocks
motel room ensconsed with mold
carpeting so disgusting and filthy i couldn't walk on it barefoot
no frig
no microwave
room wasn't cleaned prior to my arrival
had to buy my own bath stopper
shower water comes out as a trickle
all surfaces need to be cleaned
had to buy my own mattress topper
infested with bed bugs

Wanna know what the rent was?  900 a month or 225 a week!

And this my friends is how millions of Americans are "living"

Last summer when I endured conditions like this, I complained to the city because I assumed it was violation of code.  IT ISN'T A VIOLATION OF CODE IT TURNS OUT!   It turns out that the motels are not required to comply to city code they get to do their own thing!  Unreal.

You know what's even more unreal?  This motel I stayed in, the condtions were better there then at my last apt. because there is heat and air conditioning!

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