Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th and synchronicity

I recall when 9/11 happened, i thought to myself-this is not going to worsen my own personal circumstances at all.  I also thought, boy is this ironic, i' just scored a room in a mansion in a rich neighborhood, and it appeared I might be improving my life.  The room was a short lived situation.

The synchronicity of 9/11 is that-today I had to run out of a building to escape danger.  I was the first one out!  Likely because I'm so accumstomed to danger and living like i'm in a war is likely why I was the first one out.

A fight broke out at "the other" soup kitchen.  The biggest problem is that the staff were obviously not trained in "de-escalation"  Instead of moderating the fight staff kept repeating "stop cussing!"  JESUS! Isn't it more important that everyone remains safe then to worry about a bloody cuss word!

I wondered why the man wasn't escorted out of the building before things got bad.  Instead they are traying to reason with him.  Before you know it a group of men are physically fighting and the chairs are flying.  I thought, the staff are not going to keep us safe, so i ran out into the cold rain (yes, i swear that is what the weather is i'm not saying it to make it see more dramatic!)  and to the bagel shop!

Of all the crazy things I meet a guy from Melbourne, Aus. in the bagel shop and he is here for a visit.  We discuss guns, politics, and homelessness in the brief 15 min. interaction.  His sister also has been cycling in and out of homeless for 20 years, and he himself (educated, clean) lived in his car for 6 months. 

And all this happened before 12:30 in the afternoon!

Because the staff are not trained in conflict mediation I will not be able to return to that soup kitchen if I want to save my arse!

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