Wednesday, March 19, 2014

"Current housing as compared to the past 20 years"

Despite serious electrical issues for the first 7 months, extreme noise on certain days, and a huge ordeal to get anything fixed (I need new washer/dryer) if I compare my current situation to any of my situations between 2/94 and 4/2013 this is the best one.

This is the only place where  it's homey enough that if I need to stay home and rest or nap I can.  I just tried a different kind of pillow and did not wake up as many times in the night.  (currently I have 30 bucks to last 2 weeks) but next month, I will buy the $60 foam topper for the mattress as even though this mattress would be a good one for a healthy person, my leg muscles hurt a lot and I have to keep changing sides............................

So, I had forgotten that there is an actual name for one of my symptoms  (I googled it last night) chostochondritis.  It is commonly  seen in folks with fibromyalgia and is miserable because it never goes away.

It is severe chronic rib pain and tautness that sometimes makes it impossible to take a deep breath.

I'd say that maybe 3 days a week I'm very weak and don't go out at all due to not having a car.

Watched the latest episode of the little couple last night and jen described the symptoms she has with the inpatient and outpatient cancer treatments.  I have every single solitary one of them.  I will post the episode onto my blog.  No, I don't have cancer.......................................................

Something is coming up soon in my life that is very positive and will raise qol quite a bit.  Even after it happens I won't be able to tell you all what it is because of a handful of men who are reading my blog and who absolutely do not want the best for me.  That is all I can say for now.

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