Monday, March 31, 2014

"getting there" 1/6/03"

Author's note: my car has been broken down for weeks and my nanny job depends on it.  Although my bosses are millionaires they are only paying me $9 and hour and have no idea that I'm at risk of another episode of homelessness.


What a nightmare.  I'm still without the car and the auto shop hasn't even come up with a diagnosis yet.  Carlessness is akin to homelessness.  The entire last 4 days has been almost solely about getting around town.  I'm at Barnes and Noble right now.  "We" (the house i'm renting an apt. in) have had no indoor plumbing for 4 days.  I have not been able to bathe, do dishes oe even flush the toilet.

Toyda I'm busting my ass trying to figure out how to get to work.  I called a cab at noon.  (It's very cold and ice and snow cover the sidewalks)  The cab. company asked me for my phone #, but I don't have it memorized yet so I cdan't give it to them.

They said: "What corner will you be waiting on?"

I said "Well, i'm at rusk and manhattan but i'd like you to pick me up at my home"

"We can't do that if you don't give us a phone #"

I walk 2 blocks through ice and snow.  A guy asks me "How you doon?"

I told him I've bee asked to wait at the corner for the cab company.

"But you don't know how long you'll have to wait" he said.

I thought: "Oh fuck this.  I'm hitching with the next person who looks safe.  An old guy is driving by.  If offer to pay him to take me to the light rail.  He says I'll take you but I can't accept your money!"

I get to the light rail and ask 4 people which light rail stop I'd have to get off at for Thrifty rental car?  But nobody knows.

Each person gave me an incorrect answer.

I got off at the wrong stop and haved to take bus 27 to get to Thrifty.  Eventually got there just to find out that I can't afford a rental car.  So I called for a cab to take me all the way to my nanny job.

Just to have my boss renee* tell me that she doesn't need myservices today because the schools are closed!

she said she'd be willing to drop me at barnes and noble if i'll wait an hour and half.  (I've lost the transit money and a days wages)

I'm at b and na and I'm worrying about whether or not I should take a bus, a cab or try to find another rental car I can afford.  I just overheard that the roads are getting real bad

Should I chance getting into a n accident with a rental car?  Or do I hope tha a cab will get me safely home?  If I have the rental car tomorrow I'll have to use it to pick my boys up from school.

There is no rest for the weary.

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