Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"Looking back at 6/95"

Author's note: The last 20 years have been non-stop working toward a better life.  I no longer believe I'll ever get that.  Here are one of the many contacts I made with intentional community in hopes of finding a healthy life and environment.  The bottom line is that there are no communities who accept people with physical disabilities as most of the work required is very physical.


Dear Twin Oaks Visitor Program,

Hello Everyone!  I'm writing from Lafayette, Indiana, home of Purdue University.  I am nearly 32 years old.  Today was 80 degrees with about 90% humidty which is typical for this time of years.  Lafayette has 2 seasons, winter and summer.  But this year it seems there's been a global flip as it was warm in December and freezing in April.

I am originally from Baltimore, MD.  I lived there from 1963 until 1987.  I am an only child who was adopted.  I made contact with my birthparents in 89 by doing a search. 

In '93 I received a Bachelors degree in social work from Purdue.  I was common law married from 88 to 94 but we broke up while living in Melbourne Australia where he got a job after we graduated from Purdue.  I was forced to return to the U.S. since I was unable to obtain a long term visa in Aus.  I never planned on living in Lafayette again but I've used this last year to try to pick up the pieces and decide where I want to go to next.  I've been unable to get a social work job here as nearly all of them require a car.  As the saying goes: It takes money to make money.

I believe in Twin Oaks for a number of reasons.  One would be that I believe in the ideals that you are working with.  I am a peace activist trying to practice peace on a  local as well as a global level.  I'd like to play an active part in reducing our impace on the earth.  Although I have always lived in apts. in suburban or urban areas, I am truly ready for a change.  I greatly desire to be more in touch with nature, feeling that it is an absolute necessity for my physical as well as mental health.

I went a long time having virtually no access to anything green and just about went mad.  About 3 weeks ago, I happened upon a castle like home sitting on top of an ivy covered hill, surrounded by 3/4 acre of English style gardens.  The owner was outside and allowed me to tour as well as hired me to help him keep it up!  I'll be doing this until the time which I come to Baltimore.

Some things I have been involved with are the following: I've been active in local as well as more global environmental issues: such as the Lafayette Area Peace Coalition, Friends of the Earth, The Wilderness Society and a groupe that is helping to save the East Gippsland Forests from excessive logging in Australia.  I am a member of Coop America.

Hobbies, Special Interests and Talents

I am good with kids and have had a lot of experience nannying and teaching preschool.  I play a bit of piano and sing as well.  I'd be more then happy to do music programs with the children.

I speak some Spanish, but love the language and I'm trying to become more proficient.  I also ejoy teaching English to foreign speakers.

(Authors Note: This letter is another 2 pages long.  I hope you have enjoyed glimpsing an excerpt from my past writings!)

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