Friday, March 28, 2014

"Now, that's different" ;)

So today I participated in an event that was a "want to" rather then a "have to" on my daily to do list!

  Only 3x in the past year have I participated in something of interest in my community due to the fact that I do not have acar.

I used to attend, nearly annually, a conference called "Marylander's united for peace and justice"

this was essentially:

"mountain town united for peace and justice" and I was able to get there via 2 busses and 1 hour total commute one way.

due to not having the stamina of  past years I only lasted for 1/2 day.  It was such a pleasant switch to get to be around educated articulate people who aren't fresh out of jail, stoned  out of their damn minds, and unshowered.    Those are the blokes I'm typically around on the bus, walking, and at the library.

If I were sleeping better I would have stayed for the entire conference but my eyes got really heavy and I was unable to concentrate any longer.

It is really encouraging to find out about the plethora of individuals and groups who are working to make mountain town and the world for that matter a better place to live in!

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