Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Blog site and eventual autobiography"

I've  been giving alot of thought to what similarities and differences there will be between my blog site and my eventual memoir.  These are potential chapter titles and theme titles in blog and book.

1. "getting there" (my experiences with public transportation)

2."Public Housing Antics" is obviously every aspect of living in public housing.

3. "Bureaucratic Nightmare" 

4. "The Greatest Crime" (living in fear)

5. "The Quest for a living wage"

6. "Workplace Antics"

7. "Don't Postpone Joy" Tangible things I try to do to bring some semblance of joy to my life.

8. "Health Challenges"

So, now you get the idea of what to expect from me. I will attempt to stick to themes in my blog titles so you can read what you want to read.

An example of what I can put in a book, that can't be posted real time on blog would be legal antics or violent crimes I've survived, as well as open cases in the court regarding my being a victim of more then one violent crime.

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