Monday, June 11, 2007

THE VISIT (PART 3 Red rose, yellow rose)

E-can you tell me anything about YOUR  father?

N-He died really young.

E-Hit by a truck, right?

N-Yes, I don't remember much about him (i think this is what she said, or she might have said, "well, it's too painful to talk about", i don't recall her exact answer, but i couldn't glean much information on this either way)

E-And your sister? (I didn't know her, she died around the time I was 3 y.o.)

N-She was a beautiful person. I was devastated by her early death at 38.

E-How did she die?

N-Of a brain aneurysm.


N-You know, I vowed that with the way my mother treated me that I wasn't going to be that way. It paid off, my son Warren and I are very close!

E-How often does he come here to visit?


N-Are you still singing, doing musical theatre?

E-I haven't been, but I hope to get back into it.

N-You have such a beautiful voice. I saw you sing in some show, but I don't remember which.

E-You saw me when I sang and danced in "Hair" at Catonsville Community College. (I know she was there, but I didn't see her and she left before I could see her)

N-And I might have seen you in Gimme Shelter productions singing too, but I'm not sure.

N-You know, when you were a child you ALWAYS talked about how badly you wanted to meet your birthmother.

E-What age did I start doing that? (wow, i don't remember that)

N-I don't know, maybe age 8.

N-Helen resented you for wanting to find your birthmother, she couldn't forgive you.

E-She never told me that. She never dialogued with me about anything. I just knew she was angry and wasn't going to help me find Marcene. When I did finally find Marcene, I couldn't tell Helen how the visit went because I knew she didn't care.

N-It's only natural for an adoptee to want to know their roots.

E-And it doesn't mean that the adoptee is trying to find a "better" set of parents!

(I've made 3 requests for something to put the flowers in, to no avail) The last request the nurse said: "It is not our job to provide vases!"


E: She sure did!

N: Are they lilacs?

E:(I LOVE lilacs) No, they are some bouquet of purple and yellow flowers.

N: N. takes a whiff, but i suspect they won't have much scent.

E: I tried to get you a red rose for love and a yellow rose for friendship, but the grocery store wouldn't allow me to build a bouquet.

N: Smiles.

E: Would you like me to move them so you can see them?

N: Well, (about having no vase!) if they're going to die, then let them die right here on my dinner tray where I can see them!

E:(she seems touched by the flowers!)

E: I should probably head for the bus. Would you like me to visit you again?

N: Anytime honey, anytime.

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