Friday, November 13, 2015

Close call with local train

Is it could happen to me could happen to truly anybody. Because I'm pretty much the only person in town that does the speed limit. & I know the whole string thing real well but that didn't matter this is the 4th time that I've had a close call but this one was the most terrifying.

I feel like the city or the Department of Transportation or somebody needs to know about this extreme danger to our lives. Just as my front tire was about ready to cross over the track in the red light started flashing. I was terrified I was afraid to go forward and afraid to go backwards but I knew that I needed to go backwards the wooden barrier thing came down on the hood of my car! Just about touching the hood of my car this is definitely my closest call ever.

The zombie behind me and yes I will blog about cell phone zombies a little later on tonight, I motioned to her to go in reverse so I could get out of danger but she didn't see me motion to her because she was talking on the phone

So I kept honking the horn and I motioned again go back go back I was able to get my car to go back just far enough so that I wouldn't get killed by this oncoming train

Most people are not as cautious as I am so that being the case in the fact that everybody go so fast I'm sure there's been plenty of close calls with the train! I'll tell you that I'll get your heart racing, this is definitely not the way I want to go

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