Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Documentary the decline of Western civilization

I've been obsessed with watching the first documentary in 1981. The decline of Western civilization part 1. I don't own any sort of DVD player or any Netflix or anything like that so I can't really rent a movie and watch it. That being said I'm having one heck of a time of figuring out how to watch the entire part 1 documentary for free on YouTube because they have little bits and pieces and fragments so I'm losing my mind. About a month or two months ago I saw the last half of part 3 the decline on Turner Classic Movies. I so strongly identified with the kids in the movie that I have been obsessed ever since I have not been able to stop thinking about these kids and I've been obsessed with figuring out a way to see all three documentaries that have spam it looks like they started filming in 1979 I think they stop filming roughly 1996 so I do want to see all of them but this is a definite challenge

Of any of you seen these documentaries? Feedback?


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