Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Day

2 people in my community have opened up their homes on Thanksgiving Day through But since I have been out of money since about the 10th of the month I can't go to the grocery store and buy something or prepare something to bring so I'm not going to go cuz I don't want to go empty handed

One woman whose judgment in my mind is questionable told me that a church is going to open up and have a free Thanksgiving meal Wednesday night. I didn't believe her so I check the website and it turned out that the event happened a week ago and you need to bring something.

I'm thinking that there will be at least one or two churches that will open up then have food. For those events that are set up for the so-called less fortunate I am usually not interested in socializing just go for the meal and that's pretty much it . the last real meaningful Thanksgiving I had the last Thanksgiving I had that even remotely had anything to do with family experience for 1988 so I'm pretty used to not having anything to do for the holidays since I haven't seen any of my adoptive family and since 1990

10 years ago the same thing happened a woman with questionable judgment told me about an event and gave me the address and I picked her up and took her and turned out that she's got the address wrong, I was all out of money for the month so I suggested that we eat the rice that she prepared to share. She told me that, that's her right not mine so I can't have any and that she wants to use it for another Thanksgiving party that she's going to in the evening.

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