Tuesday, November 10, 2015

She was exactly like me

I find it particularly interesting when I learn about someone who died immediately before I was born and who in many ways was so much like me. one of those cases was Norma Jean also known as Marilyn Monroe but this post is not addressing Norma Jean

This post is addressing how much I am enjoying this particular episode of a crime to remember. They talked about her outgoing personality and the actress was the first person on the dance floor and she asked the little kids around her if they would come up and dance with her. That happened so many times with me and a little kids at the Charles Village block parties and so many other countless situations where I would ask a little kids if they would like to come up and dance with me and then that would get the party going

They went on to say that she loved coffee houses and folk music! Also just like me. No I am completely straight she was gay we were not alike in that respect but yeah our personalities well so so similar

Apparently this was a world-renowned well nationally renowned case when she was murdered and nobody in her Queens neighborhood seem to care

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