Sunday, November 15, 2015


I've been living with excruciating chronic pain for 20 plus years. It started as severe fatigue, insomnia and pain if anyone touched me; the eighties.

Starting in 93 I developed devastating back pain that I would notice upon trying to sit up in a.m. and severe feet pain when I tried to stand.  In 75 due to my environment, I never slept more then an hour a night.

I became unable to work in approximately 2002. Yes I've done a little bit of nannying since then but all in all I'm unable to hold down any sort of job.
Life gets scarier with every passing day. Over the past month the pain in my left leg below my waist is excruciating times 2000 it is really terrifying
I fired my neurologist after only meeting with him twice because of his abusive demeanor
My n.p. does not believe that I'm sick. So for the most part I suffer in silence but something is really really wrong with my left leg and I'm not sure what avenue to take . My arthritis worsens rapidly. Its highly possible that the majority of my symptoms and diseases fall under the "lyme disease umbrella" Largely, I learn about whats going on by studying on the internet. I dont have (and dont care) a llmd; Lyme literate medical dr.
And to top things off today I woke up with no feeling in my right leg completely numb.
Had to massage the leg for about 5 minutes or more before I could stand up or  walk. In one day there is easily a hundred symptoms. Every hour, day is different and worsens. The first hiur of the day is terrifying due to how excruciating the hip, back, ar, leg pain and ear pain is.

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