Sunday, August 8, 2010

Customer Dis-service

O.k. so subway is doing breakfast now or so they claim. I showed up at 7:20 a.m. and the food was out but there were no employees around. I hunted down an employee in another part of the convenience store. She said she'd see if she can find someone to help me. 4 min later she came back and told me that Subway isn't open yet.

I asked her is the one down the road is open. She said she doesn't know. I drive to the next one. it is closed.

I drive to Mc Donalds which is still teaming with flies , an issue that has been going on for at least a year.

My cashier appears to have conjunctivitis. I asked him if he does and he said "I have no idea"

I call the store after I get my food and ask for the mananger. I told her about the incident. She said "He didn't know what u were talking about" She laughed. I said he doesn't know if he has a highly contagious illness and he's serving food! She said "He got sugar in his eye" I said what? "he got sugar in his eye"


No apology, no nothing.

All in a day's work and that's just the first 45 min. of my day out!

The only other place that does brekkie is Dunkin Donuts whose food is perpetually stale. At the one nearest to me that is.

Oyyyy, time to go back to sleep

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