Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Hon you look very sick"

That's what an old lady just said to me out in front of the Wal Mart today. I said yes I am! I have something called "fibromyalgia!"

  She extended her arm wanting a handshake.   I said "you have it too?"

I decided to sit on the bench and talk with her.  

lady- "I'm bipolar and I fall all the time. I have life alert. There was the time I fell and busted my head open. There was the time I fell into a coma at home and no one found me for 3 days. I haven't had fun in 16 years. Well, not until last weekend that is when my grandson got married. Heart disease runs in my family. My nephew dropped dead at 24 at the Sunset Inn. My son in law passed of heart disease at 30!  I'm so angry at my Dr. He should have told me I'd have this cane for all my life. (She moved closer)

me- "I'm sorry but you have to move back because I'm asthmatic and I can't take the second hand smoke"

I'm (elana) learning that conversations with the majority of people diagnosed with bipolar illness, tend to go one way.

I found it interesting (because I think of the issue alot) that she said she hadn't had fun in 16 yrs. I said "But you just told me you go on outings with your girlfriends" She said I do, but fun. Oh, I used to win contests with Jitterbug. And I got to dance at my grandson's wedding.

I told her that the last time I had fun was 18 months ago when I went disco dancing in Cockeysville. I told her I danced my ass of like James Brown, then I was dead for 3 weeks and could barely walk (because of the fibromyalgia!)

We've got to stay in touch she said. Can I have your #? I said I'm happy to take u out but you can't smoke when you're with me, ok?

That's a deal she said. "I'm Cassie"

Oh I said, that's easy to remember "mama cass"

She said you got it that's what they call me "mama cass!"

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