Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"What would you do?"`

I love this show. What would you do? The 2 episodes I watched yesterday on the internet are the following. Have you seen them?

The way the show works has some similarities to the old show "Candid Camera" (i remember as a kid i'd look around hoping i'd see candid cam. and get to be on t.v.)

So on wwyd show they t.v. crew set up very realistic scenarios things that happen in real life but with some kind of a twist.

The t.v. crew locked a bicycle to a sign in a park. The crew hire a # of actors and actresses to take part in experiments which allow us to find out how the public reacts or doesn't react to what they see.

Scenario 1 (and i admit i can't recall if any of the parkgoers threaten to call the cops or not) But in this scenario the crew have hired a young handsome black male. He pretends to "steal" a bike. But he has a hard time so he asks for help. No one will help him and one old man screams and yells and gives an angry lecture that what he is doing is morally wrong. The boy says "technicaly after property is sitting for a few days it becomes mine!" But the bottom line is people either didn't do anything or they called the cops or they gave the boy lectures.

Scenario 2 t.v. crew hires hot gorgeous blonde female with low cut tank top and short shorts to go steal the bike. She asks for help and all 4 males help her steal the bike. One goes above and beyond and even says stuff like "i guess this makes me your accomplice" a man said "is it your bike" the girl said "would that matter?" the man said NO IT WOULD NOT MATTER!

So my fave scene was when a couple (older) were bicycling by and the husband is the one that makes sure that the girl gets all the steps completed until she steals the bike. The wife threatened the husband. "No Walt, what the fuck are you doing?" Husband continues ignoring the wife and works at freeing the bike! Wife told her husband and the girl that she's going to call the cops on both of them! WOW!

So after each scenario there is a psychologist who explains the human behavior. She says every human being in America believes that black male equals criminal. They might not admit it but it is what they believe it's a deeply held stereotype."

And as you can see men are completely irrational when there is a gorgeous girl around. People believe that beauty equals goodness and all things good so they went so far as to make sure she got to steal the bike!

this is an amazing show!

In another scenario, actress / customer is older woman. She's at her pharmacy but her co pay went up and she can't afford her diabetes meds. Many help her I think one person paid off the whole rx.

But then the t.v. crew hire a young pretty "healthy looking" woman to try to buy her med, same thing the co pay has gone up. She cries I think but for the most part no one will step in and help her.

Later they interview folks and ask why didn't you help the younger one? One man said "i've seen worse life situations, she'll figure something out"

So the psychologist said that folks stepped up to the plate for an older woman who appeared like a victim, but didn't feel an attractive young woman deserves to be helped with something like that.

I'd have to say that in my experience over the last 17 yrs, the overwhelming # of people do not want to help with much of anything.

A guy "adopted" me as his sister many years ago but never told me he's a millionaire. So for years he watched me homeless and in other scenarios but never offered to help. During one of my homeless epis his relative tried to give him 100k and he said "oh no i can't accept that i'm sure i'll just misuse the funds" it never occurred to him to offer to help me, or perhaps he just had no desire too. Needless to say I have not spoken to him for many years.

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