Friday, May 2, 2014

"all that's new"

There really isn't much new.  If I can get out of the house at all most days it's rather miraculous. Today I feared I wouldn't be able to get out due to waking up with chills, sweating and severe headache.  By 2 I was well enough to get out.

Maybe 2 days a week roughly I wake up wondering whether or not I belong in the e.r.  Usually I dcide against it no matter what's going on.

i.e.  yesterday I woke up with severe pain on the right side, that was only relieved by going back to sleep.

I now have a tens unit again they're kinda cool in that they distract u from the pain for the time that you are wearing it. 

Tonight is a special free event downtown which requires a lot of walking.  Today's weather is perfect but after dark it will get cold quite quickly.

Been working regularly on editing my book which is very satisfying.

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