Friday, May 9, 2014

"Pain "management"

As you know there are always many hoops to jump through.  With my current as well as my last apt. you can be evicted if you are caught drinking, even a glass of wine.  Currently even though I have the medical marijuana card, there are 2 places that are not permitting me to use it; the pain management office and one individual who is forbidding me to use it if I want her help with something.

I believe that the mmj (med. marijuana) is somewhat safer then  pain meds but oh well.  The pain management nurse agreed to raise my dose last week which I think will help a lot, yet there is still a great deal of pain, enough that most days I can't stay out for more then 4 or 5 hours.

As I recently blogged about, I went to physical therapy to get a tens unit which can help a lot with pain management.  She said there is no guarantte that medicare will pay for this and if they don't you have to mail it back.

The tens is a good distraction from pain temporarily, however medicare called me to tell me they wojn't pay for it because they paid for one in 09.

When I was forced to flee the violent situation I was in in 4/10 and 4/11 I was forced to leave everything behind that had not already been destroyed or stolen.  One of those things was the tens unit.

At some point I may do pool therapy (if water is very warm) medicare will pay every penny of that and swimming is my favorite sport.

At this point I haven't found any relief from the neuropathy which is very severe and disrupts my sleep.

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