Friday, May 9, 2014

Looking back at 4/28/2006

nannying for mia today

Whenever I'm at work a large dog barks non stop for up to 5 hours!   The dog lives in the very next apt.  I called animal control who stated that they are going to send the owners a letter.    when I called the management office, they gave me the same song and dance that you always hear when you live in an apt. "You CHOSE to live with dogs!"

I replied: "So you aren't going to help me?"

"Our hands are tied" she said.


Mia was tired by 3.  I gave her a bottle and she fell asleep in my arms.  After 15 minutes I put her in her crib.  She cried for 22 minutes.  I "ferberized" her a technique I learned on the mommy channel.  You go in their room every 5 minutes but don't pick them up.  that ferberizes them.  After 22 minutes of crying, I picked her up and she slept in my arms for 10 minutes.  I put her in her crib at 4 and she cried for 3 minutes.  It's  4:10 p.m. and she is sleeping.  I am very tense in my chest because the dog is still barking. 

We went out for a while and when we got back "Fernando" the dad was home.  He knows very little English.  He asked me if I drink beer or Jack Daniels?!

I said: "I can't afford to drink and I'm not going to get baracho at work! (drunk!)  I spoke mostly in Spanish.


nannying on 5/3

Unfortunately Fernando has a crush on me.  Talk about awkward.  He said "I like you, don't tell my wife!"

I played dumb and said "But no es romantico!" (it's not romantic love) "Of course you like me, I love your daughter!"

He said he actually doesn't go to work on Fridays he just goes out and plays so that I can make some money.

He went on to ask me if I want whiskey!  He thought is was very strange that I said no.  I asked him if he drinks and drives?  He said "Yes, I've never had a problem!"

I said "I hope Mia isn't in the car when you drink"  He said "She isn't"

When I rested my hand on my head he said:


"Yes" I said


"yes! I'm sure why do you ask?!"

"Because you put your hand on your head!"

(Oh boy this man is making me very uncomfortable. 

He said: "When I go to parties the women always ask me if I am married!"

He repled to them "Yes, but I'm Mexican"

(easy to read behind the lines this man will have no problem with cheating on his wife)

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