Thursday, May 8, 2014

"Make sure you interview THEM as well"

Looking back at 4/2001.  I have been on a series of shocking interviews but lately I think this one takes the cake.

I am interviewing to work as a social worker , in Baltimore city and I'll have one client.  My journal entry doesn't include the name of the agency and I can't recall why there is only one client.   Nonetheless there is plenty interesting about this memorable interviews.

The man who is interviewing me is African American.  He cannot remember the name of my potential client!  His eyes are yellowed , he's incoherent and either high or drunk I can't tell which.

He says that Megan* is non verbal

she will attack you while you are driving and is violent

she is psychotic

she's schizophrenic

I did find out her correct name but he went through the interview referring to her as Janet*

I asked him if I could see some notes about her case but he said no.

The job is in one of the most dangerous sections of Baltimore City so I didn't accept it.

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