Friday, May 2, 2014

"Looking back at 1/3/87"

Introduction: My adoptive mother's son is living in Florida.  He has never accepted me or been nice to me ( a gross understatement)  He was born in 44.  I would find out much later in life that he hated and resented me because his bio. mother Helen, (my adoptive mother) gave HIM up for adoption to her mother, then adopted ME in 63.  He thought of me as the chosen one and him as the discarded one.  That is y he hates and resents me.

As a last ditch effort to get him to accept me I go to my adoptive father Arnold, for money so I can visit Don in Fl.


Here is the transcript from the 1/13/87 journal word for word:

I asked dad to borrow some money for the trip:

He proceeded to tell me how lousy I am and how if he called any one of my jobs they would say that I had an attitude problem.  He went on to say I don't do anyting around the house and the only person I ever think about is myself.  When I used a cuss word he slapped me across the face and stood hovering over me as if he was going to hit me again.

At this point mother comes down the steps and screams:


Father demanded that I respect him and said I can borrow the money for the tip.  He said I never confide in them or ask them for advice and demanded that things change.


author's note

When I asked don if I could come to florida he said : I don't care what you do.  When the actual day came Cullen attempted to drive me to the airport but due to the snow I never made it.  I never did end up seeing don or ever going to florida.  He died in 06 at the age of 61.

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